01-The Mountain 5:30

02-Tell me a tale 7:00

03-Come my friend 5:19

04-Contemplation 5:18

05 Like You 1.mp3 7:26

06-A Simple Tune 9:15

07 Snap Trap 1.mp3 5:50

08-Episode 7:50


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Derek Nash at ClownPocket Studios. September 2000

Bratoëff compositions looks to hard bop and M-base for inspiration, but are utterly unique”.Jazzwise

Between Lines

01 Mr Palette 1.mp34:45

02 Far Away 1.mp3 7:45

03-Equilibre 8:30

04 Mood Change 1.mp36:20

05-NY 6:28

06-Lignes 8:22

07-Conscience (part 123) 9:50

08-Little Stream 8:00



Recorded, mixed and mastered at Temple Studios London by Chris Lewis, June 2004

“subtle, spontaneous, informed contemporary jazz” John Fordham - Guardian

Points of perception

01 Farewell 1'10

02- Shrinking world 3'55

03- Staring at stars  4'54

04- Blast coruption 5'06

05 Reverie 1.mp3

06 Dialectic 1.mp3

07- Idiom 5'26

08 Cloud Shapes Over A Purple Sky 1.mp3

09- Rise 3'24

10- Pond at dusk 6'54

11- Eulogyeyes 2'47

12- Forgotten Dreams 4'02

13- Above ground (bonus track) 3'30



Jonathan Bratoëff- Guitar, keyboard and Fender Rhodes

Tom Arthurs- Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Oskar Gudjonsson- Tenor Sax (tracks 4,8,10 and 12)

Pete Wareham- Baritone and tenor saxophones,(tracks 6 and 13) flute (track 4)

Nick Ramm- Fender Rhodes, piano and Nord Lead Analogue Synth

Seb Rochford- Drums (tracks 2,4,6,7 ,10 and 12)

Wampa- Electronics, beats, percussion, Fender Rhodes, tabla, drums.

Tom Mason-Double bass and electric bass

Special Guests:


Julia Biel-voice (track 8 and 10)

Vital- Scratch.(track 6)

“Bratoëff has constructed urbane and enigmatic material that swings and grooves under the acoustic skin of a body electric. Zawinul and Shorter might sing along in a millennial Weather Report.”  Kevin Le Gendre

Recorded at Crouch hill by J Bratoëff, The Hole by Wampa, Steam room by John Wilkinson and E1 studios by Ben Fitzgerald, London UK. Mixed by Chris Lewis, Wampa and J Bratoëff, October 2005 Mastered by Chris Lewis

01. The Muybridge Line 3:06

02 Nothing Certain 1.mp3 4:29 

03 Solar 1.mp3 3:28  

04. Alone together 3:43 

05. The Marcellus Shale 0:57

06. Soon 2:33  

07 A Chapter Ends 1.mp3 2:54 

08. Wire Floor 0:46 

09. Locomotive 3:27 

10. Lazy Bird 2:59 

11. Body and Soul 4:22 

12. Someday My Prince Will Come 1:42 

13. Cherokee 2:15 

14. Augur in the Coal Mine 2:27




Jonathan Bratoëff: Guitar    

Chris Vatalaro: Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Vatalaro, London 2008



01-Bird dance 4.46                02 Transition.mp3 8.27

03-Mindscape part 1  2.27

04 Fallen Colossus 1.mp3 6.00

05-Ephemeral light 5.23

06-Moving lines 4.00

07-Mindscape part 2  2.34

08-Nothing certain 6.21

09-Pluton n’est plus 7.21

10-Mindscape part 3  0.55

11 Echeance.mp3 6.00

Recorded at the Cow Shed Studio by Joe Leach  on April 20th and 21st 2009 London UK.

Mixed by Chris Vatalaro, London, mastered by Robert Harder.

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Jonathan Bratoëff: guitar

Mark Hanslip: Tenor sax

Tom Mason: Bass

James Maddren: Drums

Jonathan Bratoëff: guitar

Pete Wareham: Tenor sax

Tom Mason: Bass

Seb Rochford: Drums

Jonathan Bratoëff: guitar

Adam Bishop: Tenor and soprano sax

Ben Davis: Cello (tracks 4, 5, 7 and 8

Tom Barlow: Bass (all tracks except 7 )

Seb Rochford: Drums

“Chapters is a success on it’s own terms and is well worthy of investigation by inquisitive listeners. Frisell fans in particular should give this album a go” Ian Mann The Jazzman

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“With equal helpings of free improvisation and melodic exploration, this is a fine example of contemporary guitar-led jazz played with real feeling”  Steve Grantham Aol Music